pictures pages! picture pages!

First this, for your pleasure (also, I hope you’re old enough to remember these. If not, get the hell off my lawn, ya whippersnappers):


I just read an article that said if you want more people to visit your blog site* you should include pictures.

Pictures, pictures, pictures get you noticed. Which makes sense in appropriate and inappropriate ways.

But before you get all hot and bothered disgusted and vomit-y, let me assure you this site will continue to be safe for work. Mostly.

I like the idea of including more pictures. I imagine that the illiterate are an underserved demographic when it comes to this sort of thing.

In high school, I had a friend (ok, I still have her – there was no friend un-making) who always always ALWAYS had a camera with her (or it sure seemed like it). We totally teased her about it at the time, but damn! Do I wish I had the foresight to be “that person” because OF COURSE she has all kinds of great pics now. I never remember to use my camera, even if I’m lugging it around in my purse ALL DAMN DAY. And then I get home, and regret that I only took two lame-o pictures. I think part of me is irrationally afraid I’ll look like some kind of intrusive dolt if I’m constantly snapping photos, and the rational side of my brain (the side that says who really fucking cares? You’ll thank yourself later when you have pictures documenting the time that one guy at that one party took his cowboy boots off his feet and tried to walk with them on his hands**).

My BFFF is like that too (not drunkenly hand-walking, just so we’re clear) – she always has her camera at the ready when a good photo op presents itself. And, of course, she had gazillions of great photos to show for it.

These two are my heroes (HS friend and BFFF…not cowboy boot guy, just so we’re still clear), so it stands to reason that I would try to be like them. So here I am, officially putting it ON THE RECORD that I want to remember to take more pictures, social awkwardness be damned. I’m not saying this is going to be blue ribbon-winning photography or anything, of course. But I do hope to document some of the oddness that seems to surround me daily. Or at least, shit I find funny. Like this, from the lunch menu at my workplace’s cafeteria:

Just the one, please. Don't want to go overboard.

Just the one, please. Don’t want to go overboard.

The photo quality is poor, but damn did this make me laugh last night. Hope this makes your day, too, even if it’s not quite as weird as a guy with cowboy boots on his hands.

Did I mention he was wearing fishnets?



*I hate the word blog. Like a lot. Like so much it makes my teeth hurt thinking about it.
**Nah, I did take pictures of that. There’s also video. Heh heh.

2 thoughts on “pictures pages! picture pages!

  1. This salad needs fixing. No wait, the fixing is included and all for the low, low price of $4.25?! I’m so confused. And I’m so glad you’re going to take more pics b/c yours are always so funny!! Good luck 😀

    • Mel says:

      Omg, picture pages. I wasn’t sure I remembered it until I watched the video. It’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me now-ow-ow.

      I want to take a still from 3:00 or 3:22 and hang it on the fridge, so as to brighten each day.

      “Yay, you’re getting a snack! How about some pud-DING!?”

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