Saint Willie Style

Okay, sometimes when I get caught up in something awesome I start using phrases that don’t normally come out of my mouth. “My heart is filled with joy” is a good example – it just popped into my head last night as I tried to describe (to myself, who also happens to be my best audience) how I was feeling. It sounds so freaking cheesy, or like I’m preforming a church hymn spoken-word, William Shatner-style. It just don’t sound right.

But, sometimes, even if it sounds all weird coming out of my mouth, it’s true.

My BFFF n’ her Husbando are picking themselves out a gaggle of children. Okay, maybe not like that, but they’re in the process of adopting some kiddos. Today is their first (or only?) home visit, which sounds super-intimidating and like something that I would miserably fail if I were in their shoes. To say that I am excited for them would win gold at the Understatement Olympics. This is where the “my heart is filled with joy” business comes in.

So, in an effort to be all supportive n’ whatnot, I decided to dive into my Catholic roots and see if there was a patron saint of adopted children, and if there was some kind of Special Prayer I could shoot his way. If you know anything about Catholicism, you know that DUH. Of course there is. There is a patron saint of (almost) everything.

One quick question to Uncle Google later and BAM: St. William of Perth, also sometimes called St. William of Rochester, for reasons that I didn’t feel like reading about because this was approximately 1:00 am this morning.

Anyway, I didn’t find any specific prayers I could send up to Big Willie, so I just came up with something on the fly. And then I decided to find some sort of pictorial evidence of this guy. I felt BFFF’s Facebook wall needed some decoration.

Enter good ol’ Uncle Google, again.


Pretty standard Saint portrait, though I’m a little weirded out by the snakes. I thought that was a St. Patrick thing? But hey – St. Patrick’s pretty awesome, so I guess this makes Big Wiliie awesome by association. Right?

But surely I can find something snake-less.


Oh, now, that’s much better. THIS St. William juggles all kinds of animals, apparently. Even baby sea lions, or whatever that cute thing is at the bottom. This guy’s alright!  Surely there is some good juju flowing to BFFF and co!

But, as is often the case with Uncle Googs, things get weird quickly.


Not 100% sure who this chap is, but he looks like he knows how to party– fancy party. Is that a sprig of fresh herbs in pitcher number 2? Bravo, sir! I’d accept the engraved invitation to your garden party anytime. I’m sure you and your other pearl-snap-shirted compadres make a mean hummus.

I wonder if he invited these guys?


They kinda look like they could use a freshly-muddled drink. Well, Righty looks less-than-happy. Lefty seems to be enjoying himself. Maybe he just finished grinding some chickpeas for the shindig tonight.

Wait. Where was I? Oh yes. St. Willie of Perth-sometimes-Rochester and the weird world of Google Images.


I’m pretty sure these are children at a St. William of Perth school, but I’d prefer to think it’s representative of the big ol’ happy fam in store for my friends.

A heart filled with joy, indeed.

One thought on “Saint Willie Style

  1. a. You are the best BFFF ever 2. The man with the herby drinks is Jamie Oliver and while he is cute, his accent is not D. You are the best BFFF ever. For real. I mean it.

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