rubbed the wrong way.

I like to go out with a group of girlfriends. I like to get dressed up. I like to go dancing.

I like my music loud, but not so loud it almost hurts my ears.
I like to dance like a crazy person, but I don’t like having to dance around a puddle of vomit on the dance floor.
I like to have a couple shots with the girls, but I don’t like being told by some dude that he’s going to buy me 3 more because I’m “too sober” so I must not be having any fun. I doubt he’s genuinely interested in how much fun I’m having.
I like to dance in a group of people, but I don’t like a skeezy guy’s hand rubbing up on my ass “by accident.”
I like to dance with my girlfriends, but I don’t like seeing the look of disgust on my friend’s face when some rando wraps his fucking arms around her waist as her grinds up against her.
I like to meet new people, but I don’t like giving a fake name when someone introduces themselves (okay, scratch that, I like that one).
I like to have a good time, but I don’t like being offered coke in the parking lot.
I don’t like being hollered at as we make our way back to the car.
I don’t like drunk bros staggering behind us, still hollering, as we run-walk back to the car.
I don’t like jumping into the car and scrambling to make sure the doors are locked and peeling out the parking lot.

I don’t like ending what began as an awesome night like that.

2 thoughts on “rubbed the wrong way.

  1. Gene says:

    It’s absolutely horrifying that this is as common as it is. I don’t run with a crowd that does this and it shocks me whenever I hear about it, and maybe it shouldn’t. I really don’t understand how you can do this to another person and look at yourself in the morning. Guys suck.

    • theotherjulie says:

      I go “out” like this maybe twice a year? And though I see this kind of thing when I do, I’m “lucky” in that I’m (almost) never the girl that guys want to grind on (I think it’s the glasses… and the self-respect, ha) and the douchebags are just irritations on the periphery of my awareness. This time, though, was terrible. Ugh.

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