c is for ‘crap, this did not turn out how I expected’

I’m attempting to make these today:

It’s a chocolate chip cookie WITH A S’MORE INSIDE.

I’m baking them by request of a coworker, and today we’re having a work meeting that requires everyone to come in early. So…

I have not even started. I only have four hours, so I’m basically screwed. I know there are people out there who can bake a fucking batch of cookies in less than 4 hours, but these are people who don’t usually mess up the first 7 batches.

Scratch that, I just realized I have less time than that because of the aforementioned work meeting.

Gotta go! Bye!


EDIT: The cookies disappeared quickly, and to rave reviews. I personally didn’t care for them,  but I did try one and it was good. Just… whoa. Too much going on. I anticipated that and tried to make them as small as I could, but seeing as there is AN ENTIRE FRICKIN’ S’MORE INSIDE EACH ONE it was a bit difficult. 🙂

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