it’s been awhile, eh?

Welp, here goes nothing.


I got nothin’.

No wise sayings. No witty quips. No random anecdotes. People ask what I’ve been up to these days, and my answer reeks of blah: “Eh. Working. Hanging out.”

Except my life has been anything but blah. A lot of things have happened, particularly over the last three months. And yet: I’ve had little-to-no inspiration to write about any of it.

At least, to “publish” (as it were) what I’ve written (privately) about any of it. To say that life is just flipping fantastic right now would be a flat-out lie. But to say that things are just utter and complete shit would also be a gross exaggeration.

This leaves me torn, and not in a Natalie imbruglia, laying-naked-on-the-floor kind of way. Do I go into detail about the not-so-fun things that have happened lately? Do I use this space to just rant and bitch about the things that are making me angry? I’d rather this whole thing I’ve got going to be something folks read for pleasure, not for an update on What’s Pissing Julie Off Today.

Though I guess that could also be entertaining, eh?

Okay, now I’m re-reading what I’ve written and cringing, because I’ve just become that person I absolutely DESPISE: the one who alludes to things but never explains them. You ABSOLUTELY know the type: that one dumb bitch who goes around sighing REALLY FUCKING LOUDLY until someone asks her what’s wrong and she’s all like “Oh… *sigh*… nothing…” and then some equally dumb bitch is all like “No, really? Are you sure? Are you okay?” until Dumb Bitch 1 bravely pours out her fucking heart about how her cousin’s in jail and his baby mama can’t make rent and this is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY HER PROBLEM NOW because, like, sometimes she’s gotta watch his baby and, like, LIFE IS FUCKING HARD.

I’ve actually got several posts written and saved. Very much pouring-my-heart-out kind of stuff. I might eventually post them, once I’ve got things far enough in my rearview mirror to think about them objectively.

Until then, I do apologize for the lack of posts. I’ll try to come up with something soon.

Oh! But here’s this. It made me laugh:


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