Dos and Don’ts.

1. You can ask questions. You want to know what an AA meeting is like? I’ll tell you what I know.

2. You can avoid the subject entirely, but if you don’t bring it up I won’t either.

3. You can talk about drinking. I will likely join you. We’ll just be speaking in different verb tenses.

4. You can drink, but if it makes you feel weird doing so around me, don’t. Because if you’re all uncomfortable and weird, I’m gonna feel all uncomfortable and weird. But if you’re having a good time, chances are I am too. That said:

4a. I am, obviously, not interested in hanging out for the sole purpose of getting wasted. But you know what? I’ve racked my brain and can think of almost zero situations where that’s the focal point anyway. I won’t join your beer pong league. But other than that, I think we’re cool.

5. I’m in the awkward place right now of not knowing exactly who’s read the past few entries and who has not. But I put it out there, on the vast galaxy of the Internet, so who am I to care if you run into one of our mutual acquaintances: “Did you see what Julie posted? What the fuck?” Hell, I’d do it if I were you.

That said, I’d prefer that you refrain from the “what the fuck?” conversations with my immediate family. I can’t stop friends from gossiping (and I use that word without negative connotations, trust), but be easy with the fam. Please.

6. I’m still me. You and I are still cool. This whole thing doesn’t have to be a big deal, ok? Okay. Thanks. *fist bump* Word.

One thought on “Dos and Don’ts.

  1. Dear BFFF,

    Stop blogging and answer my email so we can plan when you’re coming to visit!

    Love, BFFF

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