rock the vote, bonus points if your polling place is a casbah.

All right, real quick here, y’all:

My Facebook is ‘sploding with “I Voted!” stati. This is great, guys. I’m truly happy about this, for real.

But wouldn’t it be neat if there was no need to advertise it? If the whole “I Voted!” thing was just assumed, because duh everyone votes! Why wouldn’t you vote?!

Also, I think we should all be proud that we voted – not as a pat on the back, not to brag about how informed/cool/saintly you are – but because HOLY SHIT THIS IS HOW WE CHOOSE OUR LEADERS IN THIS COUNTRY ISN’T THAT AWESOME?

(Please leave your arguments about the flawed electoral process elsewhere. I understand them. I’m merely commenting on the incredible freedom that comes with the ability to case a ballot).

Also, also: apparently casbahs are truly only found in north Africa, sooooo…

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