enter sandman

Okay, people, I’m gonna have to do this quick because I’m leaving for work in about 9.3 seconds. But! But! I had another Crazy Julie Dream last night and I gotta get it down before I forget the details.

The “theme” of this dream – the only thing that even comes close to coherently tying everything together – is that one of my friends (a Real Life Friend) was getting married. (Note: in Real Life, he got married awhile ago).

Anyway, I’m vacationing in Jamaica or some other tropical destination with my brother and my Mom (sorry, Dad, guess you weren’t invited?). Also, my hotel room looks exactly like my current bedroom. Talk about a letdown, eh? We’re going to swimming, but I can’t find my swimsuit. Not sure how that one was resolved, tho I’m hoping it involves clothing myself, but it doesn’t matter because…suddenly!

Suddenly I am walking down the street, on my way home from… Jamaica? I don’t know. There’s a backpack on my back, like I’m walking home from school, I guess? Anyway, I get to my house and my mom informs me that I need to pack up my things, because we are going to Moldova.

Moldova? Oh, of course. Kishniev, specifically. Why? Because my friend is getting married. In, you know, Moldova. And we’re leaving for the wedding NOW. No time to pack any checked bags – everything’s gotta fit into my carry-on. Conveniently enough, I was carrying that damn backpack as I walked down the street. So into my satchel I pack my things, which include bottles of Bud Light Harvest Wheat, because – and this is my Dad’s idea – “we can drink American beer in Moldova.”

This is where the chronology sort of breaks down, so I’ll switch to Bullet Point Mode here:
* In real life, I’ve never been to Europe. Actually, the farthest away from the US I’ve ever been was the Bahamas. In Dream Land, I was really sweating the plane ride. I was freaked out about having to be on a plane for that long (which would probably be true in real life, I guess).
* Oh, I also had a passport, which my Mom got for me off of the Internet. Because that’s not shady at. all.
* My friend was marrying his Real Life Wife in the dream. They chose Moldova because of something involving their joint stint in the Peace Corps there (which, as far as I know, is not even remotely true)
* Except neither of them had family or anything in Moldova. In fact, in my dream, his wife’s family was pissed because they were all in New Jersey (not sure this is true in Real Life).
* The planned length of our trip to Moldova was about one day. We were going to fly in for the wedding, and then promptly leave.

There’s more, but I’m running short of time.

Happy Saturday, y’all. To my people in Oklahoma: keep away from the tornadoes

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