Daily Archives: May 23, 2010

pitcher pages, pitcher pages!

I broke down today – no worries, there was no sobbing involved, just steely resignation as I entered my credit card number – and finally took steps to purchase a new battery for my laptop (currently, it goes from On to Shut Down when the power cord is removed in 1 second. Literally! One second!).

And as I perused the Apple site, I came across this pic of young stoner Chris O’Donnell helping a fellow dude at the Apple Genius Bar (I know the picture is massive. Deal with it):

sotd 05.23.10: Favorite Texas Songs, pt. 3

While the majority of my “Favorite Texas Songs” are all twang n’ sass, I figured I’d throw the non-country-music-lovers out there a bone with this one. China Grove is in Texas, fwiw.

“China Grove” / Doobie Brothers (1973)