Mayo-in-my-sushi blues

I think that I over-exaggerate my affinity for sushi.

I become quite excited at the prospect of eating it, but only when it is made with very specific ingredients. Any substituting or straying from the original plan – even, say, something as slight as using crab salad instead of crab – and I’m out. Napkin-on-the-table, hands-up-in-the-air, I’m-outta-here, check-puh-lease.

In order to avoid such scenes, I try to stick with sushi places with which I am familiar. When someone suggests somewhere New, I thoroughly scan through that restaurant’s menu in advance before committing to a definite “yes.”

Is this incredibly high-maintenance behavior? Probably, but it beats the alternative: ordering Sally Albright-style and running the risk of pissing off the server and/or chef.

That said, I’m trying a new place this afternoon, a place that seems to favor the additions of Japanese mayo and smelt roe – two ingredients that make me feel, well, what’s the opposite of being thrilled? Asking the server to omit one ingredient is in okay, not-as-shaky territory, but two? I am close to *gasp* just ordering off of the “Fusion” menu, which seems to consist of fried chicken fingers dipped in teriyaki sauce.

Of course, there’s always the Pad Thai…

if they’ll make it without the egg, of course.

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