New sotd theme week!

So I was reading Kevin C. Johnson’s review  of The Arcade Fire concert here on Thursday and he mentioned the opening act The National. I was all like “Oh, yeah, I think that maybe I’ve heard of them? Maybe? I have a friend who likes them? Or something?” And then I was like “Oh, I should check out some of their music, because I generally agree with Kevin C.’s (I call him Kevin C., because we go way back) recs.”

And then I was all like “Oh, what a fantastic Theme Week idea! I find a song from an artist/group that I’ve only heard about and feature it each day! I could think of my friends’ favorite artists and finally get around to checking them out for myself! Jackpot, Julie!”

And – lastly – I was, like, “Oh, why do all my sentences begin with ‘oh’?”

“Oh well…”


“Oh! crap! I just did it!”



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