sotd 4.26.11

You already know that:
I’ve often been slightly (read: highly) behind the curve when it comes to some popular trends. When this kind of silly, satirical, juvenile, demented alternative sound was pouring out of college radio stations, I was young-ish enough to not quite grasp what college actually was.*

The Allmusic link below calls Ween “bratty deconstructionists, kicking dirt on the pop world around them with demented glee.” What writing!

Anyway, I fully intended today to put the spotlight on Nerf Herder, whose name I will always remember but whose music I’ve long forgot. But in reading up on those guys, I read about a band called The Dead Milkmen (with the line “You either found them funny or you didn’t” catching my eye), and in reading about them, I re-came across Ween. Oh, Ween! Hey, it’s them!

Wait, who are they again?

This song makes me laugh… a lot. I think it sort of sums up the alternative anti-hipsterism of the early-to-mid-90s fairly well (were they called hipsters back then?)

“I Hate The Smiths” / Ween

p.s. I don’t think this particular song is part of their discography, as it were. It might even have just been some song they just sort of shit out on the radio one day. BUT if you do a search on this song, you get a lot of irate Morrissey fans dropping f-bombs. Whoa, kids. Calm down.

*Two years of Master’s-level work on the subject and I’m still not sure.

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