Snap ya fingers.

My brother drinks sidecars, a college taste he developed going to an establishment technically called a “martini lounge” but which was probably just a bar.

He ordered one once, in my presence, as we ate at a chain restaurant with a long history of disappointing me. The server was confused by the request, but then reassured us that “the bartender probably knows what you’re talking about.” She returned, triumphant, and informed us that there was indeed a “button” on the restaurant’s POS* for said drink.

A sidecar is made with cognac, triple sec and lemon juice and is served in a martini glass. Pictures I found online were garnished with an orange slice, but his Chain Restaurant drink remained fruit-free.

I tried a sip of this concoction and was amazed that a guy who drinks Everclear would also be so enamored with such a sweet libation. Never a fan of the stereotypical “chick” drinks, I prefer mine to have a bit of a burn going down. It’s harder to go overboard when you got to take it slow is my reasoning, I guess. Also, I just like bourbon.

I’m sure there are gazillions of serious psychological profiles or humorous articles about what a person’s drink of choice says about them, but this isn’t either. It’s just an observation of a phenomenon that, at the time, I found to be curious (then I realized how much a really good bottle of Grand Marnier costs and I about spit up). There we were, my brother with his sippy-drink** and me with, probably, a beer.

This Bud’s for you, brother.



*for the uninitiated, this stands for ‘point of sale’ system, but the other definition is funny too.
** sippy-drinks are those that are difficult to drink quickly. this is a term I made up. Do not feel bad if you’ve not heard it, and feel free to propagate its use.

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