Daily Archives: May 4, 2013

slow and steady doesn’t quite get the pun

I was seeing all these Star Wars references about today’s date on my Facebook wall this morning, and my gentleman friend even texted me a jpeg of the same thing (itty bitty on my shitphone’s screen – I had to borrow a jeweler’s loupe to read it).*

With my limited knowledge of the films, I was trying to figure out what was so special about today. I get the “force be with you” thing. But why this month? I wondered. Doesn’t every month have a fourth? What’s so significant about May the fourth?

May the fourth.

May the fourth.


May the fourth.

“OH! I get it! Clever.” I texted back.

I think I could hear his hand smacking his forehead from 10 miles away.



*No, I didn’t, but what a great visual! Excuse me, friend, but might I borrow yon Loupe?
Also, I’m Amish? Apparently?