Daily Archives: May 5, 2013

David! Put that away!

Did bobblehead dolls just explode on the memorabilia scene within the past 8 years or so, or is it just me? EVERYONE has a damn bobblehead now, and Juanita is obsessed with them.

Her collection is thus far small; it consists of a pair of Shawn and Gus bobbleheads from television’s Psych (they also say catchphrases from the show, except I’m pretty sure these aren’t legit licensed memorabilia because the voices don’t even remotely sound like James Roday or Dule Hill), and two Cardinals giveaways who seemed to be deep in conversation the last time I visited my parents:


It appears Jim Edmonds is not impressed by David Freese’s junk.

Or David is about to pee all over Jim’s cleats.

It is also not clear if the plastic trumpet and can of air freshener are part of the display.

I did NOT stage this photo, by the way.