challenge accepted.

While New Years’ resolutions are nice and all, I think if your point is to take a year to better yourself it makes more sense to start with YOUR birthday. Unless you were born on January 1st, in which case I’m sorry that your friends are always too hungover to go out to brunch with you on your birthday.

That said, my birthday is tomorrow (please pm me for details on how to send cash and fabulous prizes). Ahem. ANYWAY, before my cup of coffee wore off this morning I was all like “I WILL MAKE IT A GOAL TO WRITE SOMETHING AND POST IT HERE EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THIS IS SO HAPPENING!”

And then I came to my senses. A year? Oy. How about a week? Nah, that’s slightly too easy. A month? Hmmm. I think I can handle that. Maybe.

Do I promise well-written and thoughtful prose every damn day of the month? Nope. No way.
But something – even if it’s just a sentence – each day for the next 30 days? Yes. I will do this.

I think.



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