on F YEAH! moments

I posted a fb status last night that I blatantly ripped from something I saw on Pinterest. Meta, right?




Are you familiar with that FUCK YEAH, I DID THIS! feeling? I’m sure we all experience it from time-to-time (perhaps with different internal narration, though I highly recommend my wording). Anyway, isn’t that feeling the GREATEST? I’m not even talking about outrageous exploits here – one need not have just scaled K2 to have their FUCK YEAH! moment. I mean, it usually seems to come with tackling the everyday tasks – albeit with motherfucking GUSTO and PURPOSE.

I try very hard to remind myself how good a FUCK YEAH moment feels when I find myself hesitating – over anything, really. Performing a work-related task. Running an errand I’ve put off shamefully long. Following through with a random idea that pops into my head. Because time spent hesitating and overthinking is time that eventually could be spent a) doing the whatever-that-needs-doing and b) [more importantly] relishing the fact that you just DID SOMETHING. It’s no contest, really.

I recall times in the past where I wished I would have spoken up/acted sooner/ignored the haters and it’s a terrible feeling in retrospect, knowing that the ball was in my court the whole damn time and I just stood with it and let the clock run out. On the flip side, though, I recall times when I just said “screw it, let’s do this” and – metaphorical balls-to-the-wall – just. fucking. did it. That’s a great feeling, ya know?

Don’t get me wrong: it doesn’t always go well (thinking and hesitating aren’t always bad*) But I prefer to queue up the times when I felt AWESOME after checking the overthinking part of my brain at the door. Because I think that Life needs more FUCK YEAH! moments. In fact, I think it’s entirely possibly to live from moment-to-moment in this way.

…though shouting out FUCK YEAH I DID THIS! each time might end with a trip to HR.



* ie deciding to drop everything, quit school and move to another state. Not to sound like a hypocrite, because I did just that and it worked, but I could have used a liiiittle more planning.


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