…where my thought’s escaping…where my music’s playing*

While I never loathed Mondays with the stereotypical passion of a sitcom cliche, I never particularly enjoyed them. But then I got a job doing something I like to do with people whose company I enjoy. On Mondays, everyone is scheduled to work and we usually go out afterwards.

I look forward to coming in and seeing everyone. Truly. While Mondays can be either soul-crushingly busy or mind-numbingly slow, the work to be done is secondary to the company with whom I’m doing it. And for now at least, my attention is focused on the here-and-now. I haven’t done any alternate job-searching, even half-assedly, for almost a year.

Am I growing up and slowly leaving behind my nomadic ways?

It’s strange to think that this might be it for me. That I’ve officially put down roots back in my hometown. That I might not move anywhere else. The permanency is a little anxiety-inducing.

We’ll see, I guess.

*Simon and Garfunkel, 1967


Confidential to BFFF: I wrote this post before you commented on my previous one. 😦

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