is it a ‘snow day’ if you’re already off?

I’m off work today, which means I slept in. And even after I woke up, I did that thing where you just sort of lay around your bed and check stuff on your phone that really doesn’t need to be checked until finally you sit upright and think I guess I should get up now, but only because you’ve got to pee real bad.

So I got up and did my biznass and changed out of my pajamas immediately because a) if I kept them on I would have crawled back into bed and b) I dress for bed like it’s 110 degrees under the covers [because I swear to you, it is] and turns out the rest of the un-bed world was a bit chilly.

On account of the snow and all.

Ah, yes. Snow. Beautiful, glorious flakes of white falling from the sky. Silently floating through the air, simply magnificent it is. Goddamn glorious.

Did i mention I don’t have to work today?

Normally I’d see the snow and feel dread. I’d give it a few minutes, then start grudgingly getting ready to go into work early, all the while wanting nothing more than to curl up with a cup of coffee and a blankie by the window while watching it fall. Work has (almost) ruined snow for me, which is really one of the few things I genuinely dislike about my current occupation (people and policies and all that standard work-vitriol aside).

I admit, there is part of me that enjoys riding in there early and being assigned a particular problem that needs cleaning up (“Yay! I fixed this one tiny thing out of 8,000,000 things, but I did it all by myself! PRAISE ME, DAMNIT.”), or even coming in at my scheduled time and just diving head-first into the mess and not coming up for air until 3 or 4 hours later (“Uh, my first break was two hours ago…”).

But curling up with a good book and a cup of tea feels pretty fucking good, too.

Now if you need me for the next five hours or so, I’ll be here (bad pic, pretend like you can see the pretty snow falling)…


Edit: I was just trying to decide what I wanted to read when I realized it doesn’t matter because I HAVE A KINDLE AND I CAN READ WHATEVER I WANT. I CAN READ ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS ARE BELONG TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Whew. Sorry about that.

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