poor planning

Apparently Lay’s is having another one of their “come up with a new flavor of potato chip” contests. Okay, that’s cool I guess. Whatevs. I’m sure there are some truly inventive and possibly delicious ideas floating out there among the snack-loving public.

I’m also equally as sure (if not, more so) that there are some truly heinous and possibly poisonous ideas just waiting to be skimmed off the top of that same tepid cesspool of humankind’s Collective Unconscious.

So would someone please tell me why this company decided to just let any Joe Schmoe with a cell phone and opposable thumbs submit their ideas via TEXT? Did they not consider the alarmingly-vast number of junior high kids entrusted with iPhones? Did they fail to realize just how many people in general (read: males aged 11-99) might think that chips flavored like POOP or BUTT is, like, fucking hilarious!?

Like, really, Frito Lay? Really?

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