clarification for the sake of clarification

Okay, alright. I’ve moved on from the insurance rage thing.

Okay, not really, but I have seen most of the errors of my ways. My knee-jerk reaction to confusion is anger.* Going on 35 years on this earf and I’m still trying to break myself of this. I simply didn’t understand how the process worked and yeah, that little switch in my brain clicked on like a pilot light: whoosh! 

I’m not apologizing; that’s another automatic response I’m trying to break myself of. I guess I’m just stating that I see the pettiness of my rant and am fully aware that so many others have it much, much rougher than I.

Enough of this. Here’s a picture of me and my brother, around the early 90s, to brighten your day:



*My knee-jerk reaction to almost anything is anger: Pain. Being startled. Change. Inferior macaroni and cheese. Oof.

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