Daily Archives: November 7, 2009

Where everybody knows your name…

I lingered in the Beer Aisle of my local chain grocery store this afternoon, seeking something delicious and interesting to hone the Beer Palate I’m trying to develop. As I mulled over 6-packs of local microbrews and offerings of larger, full-fledged breweries, I passed a couple filling their cart (“buggy” for my Southern readers), half-dozen by half-dozen. Their conversation went something like this:

Woman: How about Red Stripe? Who likes Red Stripe?
Man: Oh, Sam’ll drink Red Stripe.
W: Get some Bud Light for Terri.
M: Yeah, good idea. Who likes Blue Moon? Is that Steve?
W: Yeah, Steve drinks Blue Moon. I think Pam likes Corona. Or is it Corona Light?
M: I think she likes just regular Corona.
W: Oh–yes, you’re right. Jen likes Corona Light.
M: Good call. How about Leinenkugel’s? Didn’t Mike like Leinenkugel’s?

It continued like this awhile longer; by the time I walked away with my Schlafly Sampler, quite the selection was clinking away in their cart.

Perhaps this couple was throwing a party, or maybe just restocking a beer fridge so as to have a generous selection always waiting for their friends. Either way, the entire exchange struck me as just plain awesome. I hope to one day be able to stock my home with all of my friends’ favorite beverages-alcoholic or otherwise. To me, that’s just the epitome of welcoming and hospitality.

My house wasn’t really like that when I was growing up, but when I struck out on my own, I quickly realized that one of my most favoritest feelings in the whole wide world was having friends over, especially just to drop by and hang out. I hope to have “that” place again – where people feel welcome making themselves at home, where a cold beer with their name on it is always waiting for them.

Basically, I dream of having the apartment version of Cheers.