Daily Archives: November 24, 2009

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Qualifications, listed.

Things I Can Do Well:
* Spell
* Correctly use multisyllabic words, apostrophes and adjectives on a semi-regular basis
* Diagram sentence structure (why is this not taught in schools anymore? I spent three years of my formal education learning how to do this!)
* Omit Oxford commas in my written work
* Write (as a manual skill; my handwriting is [almost] consistently legible)
* Provide witty and/or scathing, sarcastic commentary on world events, public figures, family and friends and general goings-on around me
* Recognize Craigslist overposts and spam and flag them accordingly

Things I Can Do Passably Well:
* Crochet
* Cook (also: prepare quick and filling meals with almost no cooking at all)
* Write (as an academic skill)
* Style others’ hair (female)

Things I Have Not Yet Mastered But At Which I Am Consistently Trying:
* Baking
* Photography
* Following through on my Big Ideas
* Giving oral presentations
* Speaking loudly
* Using my cellular telephone for social calls
* My current job

Alright, who wants to offer me a job?

sotd 11.23.09

I have no idea what today’s sotd is, so I’ll open up my trusty iTunes…
(opens up iTunes)
…click Music…
(clicks Music)
…and click Play (my iTunes is rarely off “Random”)…
(clicks Play)
“The Stars of Track and Field” / Belle and Sebastian (1996)
Yay for Scots, again…
Also, yay for interesting songwriting using the the phrases “your terry underwear” rhyming with “feel the city air”