Daily Archives: November 26, 2009

Transcription, Thanksgiving-style

“I sure wish I could remember when we put them in.”
(“them” = the turkey breasts)

“How long they been in there?”
“I don’t know, awhile?”

“I bet Michelle Obama isn’t having this much trouble!”

“Are these the kinds of thermometers you leave in the turkey? Or were we supposed to take them out?”
“They’re the kind you leave in… I think?”

“This one’s off the charts, but I don’t think it’s done.”
(“this one” = the meat thermometer)

“This says it’s 185 degrees, but I think it’s only been in here a half hour.”

“I don’t think it’s brown. Do you think it’s brown?”

Dad: “I’m not eating any vegetables.”
Mom: “I’m making them for Julie, she doesn’t like mashed potatoes.”
Julie: “I love mashed potatoes!”

sotd 11.24-25.09

I used to be adamantly against remakes, until I realized that some of the songs I enjoyed were remakes of earlier, less popular recordings.
To atone for the dearth of s(s)otd the past few days, I give you two:
“Faith” / George Michael (1987)
“Faith” / Limp Bizkit (1997)

For the record, I prefer the George Michael version, though Fred Durst’s ain’t bad.