Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

sotd 03.11.10

Just listen to the song, forget the crappy video.

“Balance Beam” / Blue October (2000)

On Facebook.

Sometimes I miss working with college students, and then I log into Facebook and see yet another group pop up in my news feed that’s bitching about something-or-another.

Really, kids? Do you honestly think that taking the 17 seconds to create a Facebook group that includes the phrase “Fuck You!” is a constructive way to deal with the latest stick up your tushie?

And oh so daring you are, not making it a private group so that the people about whom you are ever-so-whinily bitching can easily read your misspelled rants and poorly-worded raves. The more I think about it, the more I realize that yes! publicly bad mouthing these folks is the only way to make change! I mean, if I were part of this group of “asshats” that are so deservingly trashed in this open forum, I would certainly be much more amenable to your illogical demands and insolent complaining.

And don’t get me started on how downright professional your membership in said group makes you seem. Were I a prospective employer, conducting a very basic Google search of your name, I’d be so fucking impressed with your maturity I’d just hire you right on the fucking spot!

This is when I’m glad I got out when I did.