Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

sotd 03.24.10

The song’s not too shabby, either.

“Perfect Day” / Lou Reed (1972)

sotd 03.23.10

After working there for – oh, I don’t know, forever? – I finally, finally recognized one of the songs that plays over the sound system at work and man, am I pissed.

I’d heard it a gajizillion times before, and was fairly certain it was Kelly Clarkson (turns out it’s Joss Stone. Whatever). But not until I came home yesterday, still singing that damn song, that I realized that the lyrics were familiar…

And oh, holy shit, I was right.

See for yourself:

“Fell in Love with a Boy” / Joss Stone (2005)


“Fell in Love with a Girl” / White Stripes (2001)