Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

El Listo.

Things On Which I Have Been Previously Complimented But Can’t Quite Work Into My Current Resume:
a short list

  1. My ability to unfurl a blanket upon a bed whilst in the process of making it.
  2. My toothpaste-spitting technique*
  3. Showing up to offer assistance in completing a chore at the precise moment the task is finished (compliment was sarcastic; this skill is also unintentional though no one believes me)

*was once told by my then-5-year old brother that I “spit like Andy Moog

sotd 03.02.10

One of my favorite songs, from one of my favoritely-named bands, with one of my favorite mondegreens:

“Dance Hall Days” / Wang Chung (1984)

Listen carefully to the refrain: We were so in phase in our dance hall days… We were cool on…

Wait, what? Cool on Christ? Nope. It’s apparently “cool on craze.”
I like mine better.