Daily Archives: March 17, 2010


What do guitar picks, fingernail clippers, a two-headed penny*, Krazy Glue, an old prescription bottle filled with thumbtacks, four rolls of Scotch tape, a stack of signed Christmas cards, a dreidel and a 6″ ruler Paid For By Citizens To Elect Sue Allen (whoever the hell she is) have in common?

All in my desk. In one drawer, specifically.

Maybe I should clean this thing out.

*actually, two pennies glued together

sotd 03.16.10

Nothing stood out to me today when choosing the SOTD, so I just picked my number one under “top 25 most played” on iTunes.*

“Pitseleh” / Elliott Smith (1998)

*fwiw, 23 of these songs are Elliott Smith, one is a Ben Folds song about Elliott Smith, and the one is a random Neutral Milk Hotel song that somehow snuck in there.