Fall shows on the Tee-Vee.

I think that I have a problem. I don’t think that I watch that much television, but I’m beginning to think I might be incorrect in my assumptions. Maybe it’s because I watch most of my television programs on the internet days or weeks after they were aired originally. I’ll go days and days without even turning on a TV and then I get some down time and bam! Hulu ’til my eyes bleed (exaggeration, people).


The Fall premiere season sort of snuck up on me this year. Even though I’ve been reading about this season’s premieres for what feels like sixteen years now, I’m slowly realizing that these highly-anticipated episodes are actually happening, like, next week. I’d thought about doing a Fall TV post until I realized the sheer gargantuan-ness of the task (at least how I’d envisioned it in my mind) was too much for me to bear in one sitting (remember, my eyes are still bleeding from all the Hulu).

That said, for the next few days-ish I’ll be playing TV Critic and doing my best to inundate my five loyal readers with more time-wasting on the internets. You’re welcome, reader(s). Any time.

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