sotd 7.4.11

I only kinda-sorta knew these guys existed until a friend asked if I was interested in seeing them live (sad note: the concert sold out in approximately .003 seconds). Thanks, friend, for bringing this music into my life!*

“Little Lion Man” / Mumford and Sons (2009)

*That sounded in-genuine.** It is not.

**What? For 29 years*** I thought “ingenuine” was a word. Guess not. My bad!

***Okay, so not exactly that long. It was probably a few years before I was using multisyllabic words.

NOTE: Read this in the P-D today: “The English folk rock group Mumford and Sons…routinely forgets lyrics. ‘It happens a lot, especially when we do live television,’ lead singer Marcus Mumford said. ‘Of course we get nervous, [and there’s] shaking, panic attacks, sweating a lot, crying a little bit, a desperate need for the toilet.'”

2 thoughts on “sotd 7.4.11

  1. Michelle says:

    Was that friend me?? You’re welcome, friend! ^_^

  2. theotherjulie says:

    Hehe, yep! 😀

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