What’s your theme music?

Starting tomorrow over at my Song of The Day blog (with an anticipated break while I head out of town–aaahhhhhh!!! sooooooon!!!), I’ll be highlighting several songs used as the “at bat music” for some of my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve spent a lot (like, a loooooooooot) of time at the stadium lately (Foursquare mayor, beetches!*) and let me tell ya: the choices these guys make
a) crack me up
b) make me wonder and
c) make me love them more.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, what would your intro song be? I can think of a million choices for myself, most of them absolutely ridiculous. Please respond below.


*Actually, no. When I check into “Busch Stadium” using the SMS option (which I think stands for Shitty Messaging Service), the first option that pops up is some random ball field in another county. But that particular “Busch Stadium” had no mayor so… the rest is history.

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