Taco Bueno and the State Fair: Tulsa, day one.

Greetings from Oklahoma! Carynn was just kind enough to a let me use her laptop AND LEAVE ME AT THEIR APARTMENT while she and the hubster are at work. Talk about trusting. Good thing she’s taking off early. This place might not still be standing by the time I get through with it.

Being left alone in someone else’s home always makes me nervous. The pressure of performing familiar tasks in an unfamiliar environment is overwhelming; I might or might not have eaten my cereal out of a large ashtray this morning (Are these the bowls? I think these are the bowls. But they’re square – are these the fancy bowls? Are there non-fancy bowls? I don’t see plastic bowls. Fuck it. I’m good enough for a fancy bowl, damnit), I very nearly showered in the dark (who puts the light switch under the towel bar?!) and I had to video-chat Carynn for more specific instructions on operating the coffeepot (in my defense, it’s one of those fancy-schmany jobs that… ok. No. No. I’m just an idiot).

Ahem. Anyway,  within minutes of touching down in the 918, we were hitting up Taco Bueno for some delicious-cheap lunch. For those of you who live among dozens and dozens of these fast-food joints, I suppose this ain’t no thang, but for those of us who are hundreds and hundreds of miles from the nearest, this was the Greatest Lunch Ever.

Next we hung out at my former place of employment: catching up with coworkers, seeing all the (super-nice!!) changes that have been made. Basically I sat behind her desk while she did actual work and I looked up interesting news stories on her iPad. Did you know Heidi the cross-eyed opossum died? Sad day.

The fun does NOT stop there, mes amis. The icing on this great big ol’ cake of a day was hitting up OPENING NIGHT of the State Fair! My review, in brief:
1. I was amazed to learn that you don’t need to get in a line to buy tickets so that you can get in another line to use those tickets to buy food! THE FOOD BOOTHS TAKE CASH. This makes you AT LEAST 5 minutes closer to that deep-fried Kool-Aid that’s been calling your name.

2. “Pizza on a stick” is LITERALLY a small pizza wrapped around, like, a paint stick from Lowe’s. Maybe the $9 price should have clued me in, but it did not. Also, not the greatest fair food I’ve sampled. I don’t recommend it unless you plan on sharing…among three people.

3. I realized today that I totally should have done a little holiday gift shopping while I was there. I’m still debating giving Carynn money to buy me a jar of that heavenly pecan butter when she goes back. Oh, girl, that delicious taste will haunt me…*

4. You can’t possibly cram it all in one visit. We saw a LOT, and definitely hit all of the highlights (free cheese quesadilla wedges!), but there was still even MORE to see.

I guess that sums up my first day. Thanks for readin’, and if anyone wants any souvenirs from Oklahoma, just let me know. I probably won’t do anything about it, seeing as my suitcase is now going to weigh approximately 117 lbs by the time I cram all of my new treasures in, but you never know…


*Though I guess it’s not “holiday gift shopping” if it’s just a gift for myself and I open it immediately.


One thought on “Taco Bueno and the State Fair: Tulsa, day one.

  1. Carynn says:

    Love it. I will totally get you some pecan butter by the way.

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