everybody’s talkin’

I’m on the fringes, half-listening. I wasn’t part of the original conversation but – goddamn am I nosy! – I’ve nodded-and-laughed my way halfway into it.

It begins casually enough. “Oh, do you watch XYZ?” they ask. Eagerly.

Is this a show that is currently popular? Of course I don’t. Aloud, I answer with a sheepish “Naaaaaw…”

The response is emphatic. I’m told I totally should! I’d love it! It’s soooooo good! Then I’d know what everyone is talking about on Monday/Thursday/Wednesday/Every morning!

And I think yeah! I’ve got the cable television! I’ve got the internets! LET’S DO THIS!

And I go home and queue it up and get myself all situated. This is gonna be great! Truly, there’s nothing like the feeling of beginning a new Something – that feeling of excitement and anticipation is nice.*  And how fun will it be to actually participate in the conversation the next time?!

So I’m a-watchin’ and a-hopin’ and a-anticipatin’ and… I got nothin’. No immediate love, I’m not hooked, I’m not even that interested. A zillion different factors combine in such a way that I am left feeling disappointed. Because this! THIS was gonna be the time! The time that I finally got the hype!

The first time around, that is.

Because here’s the thing: just because I didn’t “get it” the first time around doesn’t mean I never will. I mean, sometimes I’ll try to pick it back up again later and it still won’t stick. But more often than not, that second chance is all I need. Days, months, sometimes years later: I’m flipping through the channels, catch a glimpse of something Interesting, and I’ll be damned! This is XYZ! 

[Unfortunately, I’m still working on a way to nonchalantly insert myself back in archived conversation. I imagine it’d be something like this:
Julie: Hey, guys! Remember when you were talking about how they killed off Bob? That was SO surprising! I didn’t see that coming, either!!!
Coworkers: Um, except that you did. Because you heard us talking about it. Six months ago.]

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to check out this  LOST show. The people I worked with in 2007 thought it was pretty boss.





*even if it is a television show, which perhaps makes my life infinity-times more shallow.

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