Daily Archives: November 6, 2020

The crowd goes wild!

I’ve often wondered how all these professional athletes have felt playing their sports in empty stadiums and arenas. They’ve got to feed off of the crowd, right? Who wouldn’t feel great walking up to bat and hearing your name chanted and people screaming in excitement? (The opposite is also true, I guess – though I guess some folks revel in being booed. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from watching professional wrestling).

Being cheered on is a FLIPPIN’ FANTASTIC feeling, so I wanted to give a great big ol’ socially-distanced hug to all y’all reading this right now. I’m working very hard to write something – anything – regularly again and like any habit, it’s going to take discipline and time. But seeing your comments has been such a treat, folks. It’s a very bright, clean spot in what’s been a pretty dingy few months.