D-Tour and something existential

(originally written 11.15.09)
I was tired this morning. Real tired. I worked late last night, came home, popped two Advil PMs to settle my achy legs (why is it that just standing and walking for six hours is more tiresome than, say, running? I should have paid more attention in physiology), and proceeded to watch TV with my eyes closed. When I woke up this morning at 8:30 still exhausted, I remembered that I usually only take one Advil PM and thus, I still felt like I my brain was wading through pudding.

Anyway, fast-forward to about 11:30, and I’m still dead on my feet. PJs still on, I crawl back into bed and turn on the television. Football, football, Degrassi, quilting show, football, and… then… I stumbled onto this.

Go ahead, click on the link. I’ll be here.

So? What did you think?
Yeah, that’s what I thought. I was sucked in, too.

I’d not heard of Rogue Wave before watching this, and have not been converted into an avid fan since, but as I became enveloped in their story I became aware of other things – things completely unrelated to D-Tour, but still somehow neurally entangled in my brain.

Many, many years ago, I envisioned a documentary about a nearby town and its struggle to keep open a profitable factory. This town won that particular war, only to lose a bigger one later. The story unfolded so gracefully before me that I couldn’t imagine not documenting it. But I was “just” a high school student with a “lack” of resources, and the idea eventually faded away.

Until yesterday, when it popped up again in my conscious mind.

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