Oh, I have been lax…

So: looks like my Song of the Day has of late become a Song of the Whenever I Damn Well Feel Like Posting One. Though I doubt this upsets anybody, I’d like to throw out a general apology.

And also-though no one has demanded an ‘splanation, I offer one here:

My brother was in town for Thanksgiving, arriving early Wednesday morning and flying out Saturday night, and the interim was filled with a whole lot of ridiculousness (most of which cannot be accurately recounted, as it is of the Inside Joke variety).

Brother is the variety of person of which I wish I knew more; I’m also quite thankful that there’s only one of him in the world. If I had to name my Top 3 Interesting People I Know, he’d be included in that grouping. He is one of the few people who consistently “get” my lame sense of humor and he is the person with whom I share no less than 45,000 inside jokes – many of which are not, actually, funny.

A friend refers to her late father as her soulmate. When I think of my brother, I understand what she means. Somewhere along the line, someone attached romantic or sexual connotations to that term but I think that’s probably inaccurate. To me, a soulmate is kind of undefinable – when a person is your soulmate you just, I don’t know… you just know.
I don’t think that a soulmate has to be a romantic partner, and I don’t think that each person in the universe is cosmically paired with one other human being. I think there are some people out there lucky enough to have multiple soulmates. And yes, I think there are even folks who are able to marry or otherwise commit themselves singularly to their soulmate, but that a husband or wife (or whatever term you like to use) doesn’t necessarily have to be one’s soulmate.
Me – I’m related to mine, so he’s stuck with me whether he likes it or not.

Let me think about today’s SOTD and get back to ya…

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