From the variety bin, again.

Cutest. Mascots. Ever.

Farewell, Vancouver
The Winter Olympics have officially closed, and my “SOTD, eh?” experiment is officially over. While the lack of elite athletic competition (read: curling, biathlon) on television has left me feeling despondent and empty inside, I’m a bit glad that I no longer have to rack my brain (read: do a Google search for “Canadian musicians”) to come up with my sorta-daily selection. Truth be even tolder, I was out of ideas by the end of the first week.

Also, the end of the Olympics means the beginning of The Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno. My country for a Zoloft.

tiiiiiiiiny bubbles...

My Don Ho Tribute Band
Speaking of nonsense, I’m thinking about buying a ukulele, for these reasons:

1. Size. Easy instrument with which to travel. The last (or only) time I flew with my guitar, the case got cracked. However, this did give me an excuse to put duct tape on it (the case, not the guitar), making me look decidedly more bad-ass. I’ll take whatever image assistance I can get, because I really can’t actually play the stupid thing.

2. Ease. I think it might be easier to play the uke. I’m pretty sure the neck is smaller, meaning it’d be easier to wrap my spindly, old-woman fingers around it – fingers which are surprisingly un-bendy. Bar chords are my downfall. It’s easier for me to listen to my mom sing the “Pants on the Ground” song than it is to play something in F major.

3. Just because. It sounds pretty. And I found one online that’s lime green. And I’m a sucker for anything that’s lime green. Shit, I’d buy a Toyota if I could get one in lime green.

Blame it on the floor mats.

Can’t Make This Shit Up
Speaking of Toyota, is their slogan really “Moving Forward”? I mean, come ON.

The only other slogan that could possibly be worse would be “Unstoppable.”

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