So even when I shell out my sometimes-hard-earned cash to have my taxes prepared online, I get a notice from the IRS saying something has been messed up. I’m not yet finished deciphering what this stupid notice means, but it seems to lack the BOLD PRINT and dates written in RED that characterize other notices I’ve received from my Favorite Government Agency, so I don’t think the water I’m in is too hot.

I’m not mad – if it turns out something actually is terribly, horribly, very badly wrong the online service is supposed to take the blame – I just thought this was going to be THE year that I filed my return with no mistakes.

As far as I know, my returns have always been pretty straightforward, very duh. Even if I’m filing multiple state returns (which is often; maybe the IRS thinks I’m on the run?). So how do I manage to make such catastrophic* errors year after year?

My inability to count past 20 or perform simple arithmetic without the aid of a calculator notwithstanding of course.

*Okay, maybe not catastrophic, but significant enough to catch the attention of the IRS (seriously, people, aren’t there greater offenders to deal with? *ahem* Wesley Snipes *ahem*)

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