switching gears in the most awkward way possible.

I don’t know how to bridge the gap between a heartfelt post and a silly, superficial, meaningless one. This happens a lot on a message board that I use with a group of friends. A friend might post about a family member or friend who needs prayers, and that post will get a few “on it!” “in my prayers!” kind of responses… and then the thread dies for a few days. Something truly hilarious might have happened to to me in the meantime, or I might remember something I wanted to share with the group, but posting “OMG YOU GUYS I SAW A GUY RIDING A MOPED WITH A LEGIT HOBO BINDLE ON HIS BACK” seems a little callous after “Yes, I will pray for your great-uncle’s cat who is dying of toenail cancer.”*

But life goes on, and not always in a nice, orderly fashion. So instead of abandoning this blog for a week I decided to post a pic of said guy on moped.

On closer inspection, I guess it’s not an actual hobo bindle, but you tell me you don’t think there’s at least one can of beans in that backpack.




*I don’t even want to make a realistic hypothetical scenario. 

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