Everything no one remembers.

I thanked a co-worker who retired from the Army for his service yesterday, adding “On Veteran’s Day and every day.”

And then, this morning, I realized that Veteran’s Day is today, not yesterday.


Question 1: What did I think to myself when I realized my mistake?
A. Oops, wrong day! Guess I was just early!
B. Oh my God I’m such an idiot here I am thinking I’m being all nice and whatever to this dude and turns out I have the wrong freaking day and he’s probably like “wth?” and I am so embarrassed.

If you chose B, you are correct.

Question 2: What did my co-worker think when I thanked him?
Thanks, I appreciate it.
B. Whatever, idiot. Veterans Day isn’t until November 11. Nice try.

If you chose A, you are correct. I know this because his response to me was, “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

Question 3: What is my co-worker thinking right this moment?
I can’t believe she wished me a Happy Veterans Day yesterday. Was she just trying to look good? Because she obviously doesn’t actually care if she didn’t even know what day it was on. She can try and try, but it’ll never be good enough.
B. Literally any other thought.

If you chose B, I am pretty sure you are correct.

Question 4: How do I feel right now?
A. …more silly than when I realized I had the wrong day.
B. …like making some oven-roasted broccoli tonight for dinner.
C. All of the above.

If you chose C, you are correct.

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