Otra Lista

Things I Say Now But Might Take Back Once I [Hopefully] Find A Full-Time Job:
A slightly-longer list than last time’s

  1. I miss getting up early with a sense of purpose for the day.
  2. I miss working five days a week, with specified start- and end-times.
  3. I miss the feeling of accomplishment after a full day’s worth of work.
  4. I miss regularly interacting with people to whom I am not related.
  5. I miss after-work socializing with coworkers, with whom I could bitch about our shared experiences.

2 thoughts on “Otra Lista

  1. father time says:

    I think your blog’s timezone is off.

  2. theotherjulie says:

    Slightly, yes.
    I used to care. I don’t now.

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