sotd 03.05.10

The song itself is okay. I couldn’t find a good video; this one is not my fave. But for some reason I really dig the storytelling in his words. The picture in my head is so vivid that it builds a story around itself. I don’t know. That sounded really… stupid.

“Bags of Bones” / Owen (2006)
The lyrics:
We bonded over broken bones.
Whose broke skin.
Whose fractured in two places.
Whose hurt the most.

We bonded over broken bones.
How many vicodin we took before bed.
How many we sold to the band sleeping on our floor,
week one of a two week tour.
My god knows they’ll need it more than I.

You and me and an x-ray machine.
I swear that day you saw straight through me.

We’re two bags of bones,
broken and talking of people we both know in common
amongst other things that I shouldn’t mention.

You and me.
A hospital love scene.
If only these broken bodies were ours forever…

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