Cookies in bed.

My mom got me a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond for Christmas last year. It was a very well-intentioned mistake that I’ve yet to point out to her; see, I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with Bath and Body Works, but she is only vaguely aware of that particular store’s existence. In her kindly, gift-giving, mind the stores are interchangeable, and thus I have some dollars to spend at a store I only visit when I need to get something off of a gift registry.

(Tangent: Picture the scene as I reach into my stocking and pull out said gift card. “Oh, wow!” I said – genuinely surprised. Mom begins to gush. “I know how much you love that place!” she says. “Oh, wow!” I say again, wondering just how many cast-iron skillets one person needs [the answer: one, and my personal quota’s been filled].)

But today I began to peruse the Bed Bath and Beyond site and came upon this:

WHO WOULD NOT WANT THIS ON THEIR BED? Cookies? Seriously? I love it! Does it come in lime green? Because I need it in lime green. Well, that’s okay. I’m sure I can find some lime green shams. Perhaps some fuschia is in order, too. OH MY GOD THIS IS WONDERFUL.


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