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Internet 1, Poison Control 0

While indulging in a little WebMD hysteria on behalf of a friend who is experiencing abdominal pain (read: she’s probably just a gassy lassy), the handy-dandy Symptom Checker Thingie Tool lead us to a step titledĀ “Pain or discomfort brought on by:” with a dozen-or-so boxes one could check. Each of these was labelled with things like “after eating dairy products” or “with exercise or strenuous activity.” These things make moderate sense to me, what with my Grey’s Anatomy-level of medical education. One of the boxes, however, was fairly alarming:

“Or made worse by swallowing irritating chemicals or poison.”

Once more for emphasis, shall we?

…swallowing irritating chemicals or poison.

Thanks, WebMD, for reminding me that the Ajax I had for breakfast just might be the cause of my intense abdominal discomfort and / or death-like symptoms.

“Honey, are sure it isn’t the milk in the Cheerios? You know how you get with dairy!”
“I don’t know, sweetheart, the Liquid Plumr might have been expired.”

I’d also like to point out that a little Alert! (the kind that pops up when you check symptoms like “is unconscious” or “not breathing” and says GO TO THE FUCKING HOSPITAL RIGHT FUCKING NOW) did not appear when you try to click the “my tummy aches after I eat foam insulation” box.

Wow. Just wow.


sotd 2.18.11

Full Disclosure: I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet of all my past Songs of the Day. I do this because if I didn’t, Elliott Smith’s “Angel in the Snow” would make an appearance on the ‘blog three times a week and as good as I think that song is, I’m sure my reader(s?) wouldn’t appreciate it. Anyway, this is a good one that I came across by listening to a local college radio station (that, awesomely enough, posts ALL THEIR PLAYLISTS for my downloading pleasure).


“Conventional Wisdom” / Built to Spill (2006)

*Also, I don’t fully understand why sometimes when I copy-and-past the URL from Youtube the video just appears and sometimes I have to create a link to it. Either way, the video for this song is real fun and worth watching.