sotd 2.22.11

This is getting to be harder than I thought (don’t worry, Queen of Subtle Hints, the week is still young…). I mean, I can think of a ton of songs that fit this category, I’m just not sure how to narrow it down. And just because I know that Hall & Oates recorded “Sara Smile” doesn’t mean it needs to make it on my blog. Just sayin’.

I offhandedly texted Baby Brother to ask his input. His reply was a 6,000,000-character text message in fourteen parts that listed every single song recorded by the Beatles that fit my parameters. And as I took a few days to read through the message, it hit me – BAM! – Oh, duh! Had totally forgotten about this one! One of my favorites, mostly for that initial piano (and later, horn) hook. (Is it a “hook”? Whatever. You know what I mean).

“Martha My Dear” / The Beatles (1968)

One thought on “sotd 2.22.11

  1. Carynn says:

    Ooooh, I’m liking this one. Also, thank you for exposing me to new music. Also also, who is this Queen person you speak of? She seems nice… and cute… and smart…

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