sotd 2.24.11

Oh, come on, did you really think I could get through the entire week without doing this?
Two versions of this song have been released – one posthumously (which gives it a hollow, eerie, feeling) and the “original” as featured on Figure 8. I prefer the Figure 8 version, but the other has its place (and that place is Youtube tribute videos, apparently). I failed at finding a studio version-vid, but here’s a live one.

I generally cringe at using live videos with the sotd, but I’m partial to this one because of how true to the studio version it is, meaning this guy is just all-around talented. He can take a guitar and microphone and give a performance just as rich as if one were listening to it through the discomfort of their earbuds.

I’m gushing, yes, but it’s my damn blog.

“Pretty Mary K” / Elliott Smith (2000)

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