sotd 3.4.11

I’m rounding out the Week of Sad Songs with a real tearjerker. Imagine if you didn’t speak English, and just listened to this one. You’d probably get all sniffly-nosed and teary-eyed even if you didn’t understand what she was singing.

Apparently this song is on the soundtrack for Magnolia (a movie that I have technically viewed but of which I remember roughly .04 seconds) and Jerry Maguire (of which I’ve seen the same six scenes roughly seventy times). So maybe if you think it sounds familiar, that’s where you heard it?

Or perhaps from an episode of the show “Judging Amy,” which is where I heard it first.

Or maybe you just like her music. Whatever.

It boils down to this: she’s singing to someone else, which is sad. But she’s also singing to herself, isn’t she? Double whammy heartbreaker.

Crappy vid, sorry.

“Wise Up” / Aimee Mann (1996)

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