Best in Show.

For a very brief period of time I lived in an apartment that was actually a “show apartment,” meaning it was an already-furnished-and-accessorized unit that was used to sell folks on the idea of living in that particular complex. Basically, I lived in it with all my shit stacked in one corner for a week. Long story, kind of.

It was an overall lovely experience, accentuated by the whimsical decorator’s touches throughout. Decorative metal birdcages, bedspreads from 1987: you get the idea. See, I don’t have to explain. You know exactly what I’m talking about because THEY ARE ALL LIKE THIS.

I’ve recently dived head-first into Apartment Hunting Mode. I vaguely remember a time when I did this in person, and without the aid of the internet (gasp!). But times, they are a-changing’, and I’ve been logging some heavy-duty hours on and During a recent search, I realized that, among the links for Photos or Amentities, there is a veritable goldmine here just ripe for the, uh, mining.

My plan is to highlight some of my weekly favorites among these gems, in homage to (but not imitation of) the genius Catalog Living.

Par example:

"Welcome home, sweetheart. Uh, I had to sell the furniture."


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