Not new, but perhaps improved!

Hey! Look at me, mixing things up!
But no, not really.
These are just some ideas to streamline / organize this giant trainwreck of a blog, and to encourage my more-regular posting. Of course, this is subject to change (especially the gimmicky titles I’m presently pulling out of my ass) and I’m always taking ideas on how to make this site more appealing. So here you go: here’s what I’m thinking so far (note room for additions). Please tell me what you think, especially how I could fill out the holes in posting.

* Introduction to the week’s SOTD theme (if there is one) and solicitation for ideas for future SOTDs

* Monday Review: recommendations on movies, television, books and websites (not music, I’ll be doing that every damn day)… provided you share my weird and cheap tastes in such things

* true Tuesday: Me writing about stuff that’s, you know, actually happened. Not sure how to narrow this one down yet, or even if I want to.


* fiction Thursday: Thursday? Why not Friday? I don’t know. Go with it. This is, durrr, stuff I’m making up as I go along. Maybe I’ll get real crafty and come up with some sort of recurring story! Orrrr not.

* photography Friday: Not sure if this one’s a go yet, because I’m not sure how much space I have to keep uploading pics on this site. But if I do take a stab at it, it’s self-explanatory.

* Best in Show – featuring asinine pictures I’ve culled from apartment- (or possibly house- ) renting websites.

3 thoughts on “Not new, but perhaps improved!

  1. sfescher says:

    This sounds really cool, especially Mondays. Having a schedule, though, seems a little restrictive. As long as it doesn’t stifle your creativity, go for it!

    • theotherjulie says:

      Yeah, I was hoping that it would sort of “force” me to post more regularly…we’ll see. I’ve been typing up a few entries at once and saving them to post later, so I figure I can just write when the mood strikes and hope I have enough stuff stored up for later 😀

  2. sfescher says:

    Uhhhh, apparently the site knows me now. ^^^This is michelle, btw.

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