sotd Theme Week!

Today begins another Song of the Day Theme Week! Wait, another? Haven’t you only done one? Um, no. If you’ll recall I’ve done a week of Favorite Songs about Texas and Favorite Songs by Canadian Recording Artists.

Well, maybe I can’t blame you for forgetting. Er.

So what magical musical mystery tour am I about to take you on, gentle reader? Hold onto your underthings, because today is the first day of….

Lady Songs!
To clarify: Songs with a woman’s name in the title. This is a musical theme as old as [something really old], so the pickins are less-than-slim. Please enjoy, and feel free to comment with your personal favorite Lady Songs, too (because if I get stuck, I just might shamelessly reappropriate your idea for my own use).


One thought on “sotd Theme Week!

  1. Carynn says:

    I’d just like to leave you with one word as a clue to my favorite lady song… Ooompapamowmow.

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